Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can see my profile?

    It's your choice! By making your profile publicly viewable, you can post your profile, collection, or wishlist pages to your social networks.   Your profile would then be viewable to friends and family who do not yet have Acts of Sharing accounts.

  • Who can see my items?

    The only people who can see the items you post privately are your friends and those in your community.

  • What if my friend doesn’t return my item?

    We allow users to rate their friends on each transaction to ensure accountability for each Acts of Sharing member.  If you've got a bad reputation, people won’t trust you with their stuff, so please be a good friend and neighbor within the Acts of Sharing community.  For further information, please refer to our Terms of Service.

  • How can I give a friend something instead of lending it?

    Simply click the "Give Item" button next to the item in your collection, and choose which friend you want to give it to.

  • How is the page managed?

    Each individual is responsible for the uploading their own items, and for acting respectfully in sharing interactions. Communication from individual is facilitated through the site, and the site administrator has list-serve and Needs Module access. The administrator is not responsible for managing the site otherwise, AOS completely hosts AOS.

  • How are the community interactions managed?

    Your actions are tracked through your AOS account. You are sent customizable, personal notifications via email and your AOS account when people want to borrow something from you, or when another action has been taken, such as setting a due date for an item you are currently borrowing.

  • Does AOS filter items?

    Items are filtered through followed by our own company filter.  While there are different views about what constitutes explicit, we want to honor our entire community with what we post.  Items marked as explicit are removed immediately and member will be notified.